Welcome to our news & events page. Check out below what's going on in our world this week....
15.01.2015 - Swervedriver return in March with new album 'I wasn't born to lose you'. Adam (Franklin) recorded the vocals for the album here at OX4 Sound and it's a really great record. Click here for more information on the release.
05.11.2014 - I am proud to present 'Skyliner' the new video from Desert Ships. Another OX4 Sound mix / production that I loved working on in 2014. Click here to view the video. 
08.08.2014 - In OX4Sound this week we have Adam Franklin doing his lead vocals for the new great Swervedriver album and John Leckie working with Mark on the remix,revisit and reworking of the legendary Beach Boy, Jack Rieley's 1974 Incredible 'Western Justice' album. New MG solo US October 2014 west coast dates will be announced next week.

02.06.14 - Produced here at OX-4-Sound and released today is the fantastic new single from Desert Ships. It is available through iTunes right now and you can check out the video by clicking here.
30.03.14 - This week in the studio Miranda Lee Richards / Mark Gardener, OX-4-Sound remix 'Trouble' is finished. It's so hot that it will be a single released worldwide later this year ! I've been on vocal and mix duties with John Leckie on the 1974 mystery lost treasure album. Details coming soon...

The Robin Guthrie / Mark Gardener new album is finished and now planned for a September release worldwide. I'm playing the Desert Stars festival again in Joshua Tree California in September with more West coast shows to be confirmed soon - MG x

20.01.14 - Produced & Mixed at OX-4-Sound, please check out the new track by Dead Horse One here.
07.12.13 - It's been a long 15 years but Swervedriver are back with a new single. Mixed at OX-4-Sound and featuring Mark on backing vocals the new track is called 'Deep Wound' and can be downloaded here.
22.11.13 - So, its been a busy few weeks at OX-4-Sound with the new website, new YouTube channel, sorting our sponsorship deal with Team Zappi Cycling and this week Mark was hosting 'An Evening with Alan McGee' in Oxford to help promote Alan's book. This was great fun by all accounts and even had a surprise guest in legendary producer John Leckie.
Thank you to everyone who has messaged us, emailed or tweeted us over the past few weeks. As always your support is much appreciated.
21.11.13 - Today we launch our YouTube channel which we will keep updated with videos by bands and artists we have worked with at OX-4-Sound. Click here to check it out.
20.11.13 - We are delighted to announce that OX-4-Sound will be sponsoring cycle racing team Zappi for the 2014 racing season. Check out the website here for details on races for 2014 and keep an eye out for the OX-4-Sound logo racing around the UK and Europe.
19.11.13 - Mixed at OX4Sound we are pleased to announce the release of the new LP by Jonny Halifax and The Howling Truth.

'13 tracks of Howling Gospel Fuzz Apocalypse will come screaming into the ether courtesy of Honkeyfinger’s new band; JONNY HALIFAX & THE HOWLING TRUTH. The Acid flashback proto-minimal blues rock has mutated into a heavier alchemical fug of meth rock swamp mantras… maintaining and expanding the trademark pounding fuzz freak valve overdrive with vintage industrial lounge rhythm machines, and an ever expanding arsenal of heaviose effects units’  Click here for further details. 
11.11.13 - Our brand new website launches today. We hope you enjoy having a browse around. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the services we provide. Remember to check back regularly for new and updates on what is happening at OX-4-Sound.